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New products for 2024

2024 season features 19 product introductions

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The Creativity Continues at Henri Studio with the addition of 19 new and unique offerings that are sure to enhance your landscaping creativity. Enjoy!

■ Water, water and more water is the theme of the Milano Fountain. Multiple tiers, multiple bowls and multiple spills provide water action and sound from any angle.

■ The Triple Clef Fountain’s staggered and ribbed columns add modern drama along with a lightness of being to any landscape. Rippling waters reflect both the daytime sun and our nighttime uplighting.

■ Our Citadel Fountain stands strong and proud as water ripples over its massive geometric shapes. It’s a true statement piece for any garden landscape.

■ Our powerful Granite Falls Fountain gushes rushing waters over multiple granite boulders enhancing the natural look and sound of your garden oasis.

■ Cascading waters, spilling into progressively larger bowls, are the highlight of the Bolla Fountain as it provides a beautiful, floating shimmering-pools effect.

■ Water plunges from the Wave Fountain’s apex, pouring itself into a modern two-spill basin. The drama of the wave design along with the secondary spills of the lower basin are pure delight to the eye!

■The Copperhead Fountain is true to its name as it winds itself upward to a pinnacle of dancing water and then cascades majestically back to the bottom bowl.

■ A garden nymph taking in the beauty of oversized dahlias is the whimsical Blossom Wall Fountain’s theme. Two copper spills, cascading directly from the dahlia’s centers, provide you and our nymph with endless visual joy.

■ Love is all we need; and you get it with our quintessential LOVE Fountain, incorporating the iconic LOVE statue design, along with a most LOVELY cascade of water.

■ Our Oracle Wall Fountain’s open-air element projects a light and tranquil presence. A very Zen design indeed.

■ Bring whimsy to your garden with this playful family of Totem Frogs that give their youngest a bird’s-eye view, while dad keeps cool and mom goes with the flow. A spitter version has the youngest “spouting off” as well!

■ “You lookin’ at me?” says our Otter with Attitude…his look says it all… And he’s available as a spitter too!

■ Our Maple Leaf Birdbath offers layers of oversized maple leaves shaped into a welcoming respite for all of the birds in the neighborhood.

■ The Henri Gnome family expands with the addition of three new awesome garden gnomes!

  • Our Football Gnome is ready to take on all competitors… in a friendly sort of way, of course!
  • Our Golfer Gnome is always quiet on the tee box and will keep you company on the 19th hole as well.
  • Our Rosie the Gardener Gnome’s smile will be a constant source of sunshine in your garden!
  • ■ Finally, our Bee/Pollinator Sanctuary is a true work of art that allows your garden to flourish by providing 100 varying-sized nesting holes for non-stinging bees and pollinators.

  • Concrete provides longevity and an ideal temperature range for pollinators
  • The heavy structure stays in place anywhere in the garden
  • Hardwood plugs at the rear make the holes a safe sanctuary for your garden’s winged friends
  • Always face it southeast to east in the garden
  • Just a blast of water will provide easy clean out after newborn bees have emerged
  • As always, we wish you much outdoor enjoyment!