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New products for 2019

Celebrating Seven Years of New Ownership

Rip Curl Fountain 5333F2

For the 2018-19 season, 15 fountains highlight a total of 26 new product introductions. Our comprehensive offering of trend-forward garden designs will enhance your outdoor experience. Please read through our list below:

Our Sparkler Series Fountains comprised of Heart of Hearts, Fiery Flame and Antique Cross Bubblers elevate the small fountain category to a whole new level.

The Kayak Fountain is wide and modern with up-lit copper spills. Whether in a corner, along a wall or nestled against your favorite plantings, the Kayak is sure to please.

Lots of water action with lights, acrylic and copper make our Balancing Rings Fountain one of the most unique fountains on the market. Your discerning customer will love it!

Our Standing Leaf Fountain will fit into any garden setting, providing glistening water from an oversized copper spill into a generously sized leafy bowl below.

The Mojave and Slate Wall Fountains are substantial in size, providing a tapestry of flowing water. Add the copper spill at the bottom to provide amplified sound and ambiance.

Our Infinity Fountain is completely unique in that it flows inward! No Splash, lots of copper and a lighted central bubbler make it a truly unique fountain, indoors or out.

The Vintage Motif and Deco Motif Fountains follow up on our very successful Leaf Motif, providing big pools of square and rectangular water highlighted by pulsing lighted plumes. These fountains are almost like water-based fire pits.

Our Rip Curl Fountain takes its design cues from the curves of an emerging palm frond. Three levels of lights and two copper spills make this a very enchanting fountain.

The Banyan Console Table and Driftwood Birdbath serve to fill out our line of very popular natural wood-themed offerings.

Our new Noble Lion and Pedestal are probably the best Lions on the market. Have a good look at his steely stare and see if you don’t agree. Additionally, our Noble Fox is a modern take on the classic fox garden statue.

Zippy and Zadie would be the children of Ziggy and Zoe. The family is now complete!

Piper, Bella and Scout are our adorable new Dragons. Whether Sitting, Begging or Playing, these three characters will put a smile on anyone’s face.

And finally, an actual life-sized Fire Hydrant completes our offerings, finished in Asian Red. What better friend could Fido have?

As always, we will continue to strive to serve you with the best quality and design in outdoor fountains, statuary and bronze available in the marketplace.