Bee Pollinator/Sanctuary  

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  • CATEGORY: Utility
  • ITEM NUMBER: 2120
  • FINISH SHOWN: Relic Oak (RO)

The Bee Pollinator/Sanctuary is a true work of art that allows your garden to flourish by providing 100 varying-sized nesting holes for non-stinging bees and pollinators. Concrete construction provides longevity and an ideal temperature range for pollinators, while the heavy structure stays in place anywhere in the garden. Natural cork plugs at the rear make the holes a safe sanctuary for your garden’s winged friends. Just make sure to always face it southeast to east in the garden. For cleaning, a blast of water will provide easy clean out after newborn bees have emerged.

  • Specifications
    Height52 inches
    Width14.5 inches
    Depth14 inches
    Weight191 pounds