Radiance Fountain  

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  • CATEGORY: Fountain
  • SUBCATEGORY: Centerpiece
  • ITEM NUMBER: 4310F2
  • FINISH SHOWN: Relic Nebbia (RN)

AB873LR Three-light LED light kit with rubber stopper is available to provide an added night-time shimmering effect.

  • Specifications
    Height36 inches
    Diameter53.5 inches
    Weight1050 pounds
    Recommended CoverFC22L
  • Components
    4310 Radiance Fountain Top34 inch H,   25 inch DIAM,   232 pounds
    4310AD Radiance Access Door6.5 inch H,   6.5 inch W,   2 inch D,   5 pounds
    6310 Radiance Bowl13.5 inch H,   53.5 inch DIAM,   813 pounds
    Pump (kit may vary due to availability or performance update)PS1300
  • Instructions