Rebecca at Well Fountain with Spray Ring - DISCONTINUED  

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  • CATEGORY: Fountains
  • SUBCATEGORY: Figurine
  • ITEM NUMBER: 5750F2R


  • Specifications
    Height76 inches
    Width48 inches
    Diameter48 inches
    Weight671 pounds
    Recommended CoverFC22L
  • Components
    5750 Rebecca At Well57 inch H
    7195 Ridge Base Pump Cover8 inch H,   15.5 inch W,   16 inch DIAM
    6810S Petal Spill Bowl12 inch H,   48 inch W,   48 inch DIAM
    7311 Large Round Base (For 6810 Bowl)11 inch H,   21 inch W,   21 inch DIAM
    LD6810A Spray Ring
    Pump (kit may vary due to availability or performance update)PS850
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