Rebecca Fountain with Spray Ring in Valencia Pool  

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  • CATEGORY: Fountain
  • SUBCATEGORY: Figurine
  • ITEM NUMBER: 5750F7R

  • Specifications
    Height69 inches
    Width65 inches
    Diameter65 inches
    Weight739 pounds
    Recommended CoverFC22XL
  • Components
    5750 Rebecca At Well57 inch H
    7310 Large Round Base w/ Flat Top11 inch H,   20 inch W,   20 inch DIAM
    6504 Valencia Pool (5' Diam. Fiberglass)8 inch H,   60 inch W,   60 inch DIAM
    9024[4] Valencia Pool Surround Section (Order 4 for Set)10 inch H,   44 inch W,   3.5 inch D
    HD6504 Spray Ring
    Pump (kit may vary due to availability or performance update)PS850
  • Instructions