Large Hebe Fountain in Grando Pool  

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  • CATEGORY: Fountains
  • SUBCATEGORY: Figurine
  • ITEM NUMBER: 5850F3
  • FINISH SHOWN: Pompei Ash (PM)

AB874LR Four-light LED light kit with rubber stopper is available to provide an added night-time shimmering effect.

  • Specifications
    Height86 inches
    Diameter58.5 inches
    Weight1365 pounds
    Recommended CoverFC22XL
  • Components
    5850 Hebe65 inch H,   20 inch W,   20 inch D,   505 pounds
    7026 Pump Cover Base16 inch H,   21 inch W,   23 inch D,   205 pounds
    7026AD Access Door5 pounds
    6289 Grando Pool13.5 inch H,   58.5 inch DIAM,   651 pounds
    Pump (kit may vary due to availability or performance update)PS450
  • Instructions