5021F2-Aura Fountain

Product support request

    Product support request


    Shipping or warranty damages

    Identify the components in question (shipping or warranty):

    Send images of all damage(s) as picture files when submitting this form.

    Requesting to (select one):

    Send replacement on next minimum order Please ensure they retain the connection kit and components, as we will only replace the damaged component.

    Issue partial credit for them to sell the product (if they're selling as-is, we will also provide touchup at no charge, if necessary) Please do not quote a specific credit amount to the customer before we get a chance to review the claim.

    Can't wait for the next minimum order. Replace ASAP! We'll provide a freight quote as the customer will have to pay for freight charges.

    None of these options work for the customer. We'll have to work something out, dependent upon the circumstances for the particular case.


    Missing pieces

    Missing a connection kit?
    Have all the boxes been opened? They're almost always packaged together in one box.
    The majority of missing claims later turn up found, even when customers were very certain something was missing.
    Missing a concrete part?
    Ensure that nothing remains hidden in between the packing material, especially smaller items, such as access door.

    Identify the component in question:


    Light replacements

    Determine which component needs replacing.
    Are all LEDs out? First test the light with a 9-volt battery. If it works, it could be a torn cable or bad transformer.
    Are some of the LEDs out? We'll replace the light component.
    Are the light connections wet? These must be completely dry, otherwise there is an electrical short and no light will turn on.


    Pump replacements

    Is the pump humming? It could be an air-lock. Unplug and re-plug the pump a couple of times.
    Check for debris as the impeller could be stuck between twigs, leaves, insects, etc.
    The impeller is the only moving part in mag drive (PS) pumps. It can be swapped out without having to disassemble the fountain.
    A picture of the pump label helps us track trends and address them with our pump sources.


    Combined files size CANNOT exceed 20 mb.