5403F2 News

Discontinued Products


2652F1 Little Log Fountain
8070A Blooming Saucers
E106B Sitting Girl

For those who would like information on our discontinued products, here is a listing of the links to some of them:


1710F St. Francis Fountain

2652F1 Curving Log Fountain

4004F2A Chalice Fountain

4004F2B Tall Chalice Fountain

4030F5 Dolphin Tier Fountain

4046F2 Flare Fountain

4046F3 Flare Fountain in Rondo Pool

4115F Calais Column Well Fountain

4204F Gargoyle Fountain

4230F2B Tall Fountain of Youth Fountain

4242F Gothic Dolphin Tier Fountain

4270F2 Sprinkling Girl Fountain

4302F3 Sphere Bubbler Fountain on Low Pedestal with Plume Light

4303F3 Sphere Bubbler Fountain on Tall Pedestal with Plume Light

4465F2 Kensington Bubbler Fountain

4470F2 Geo Bubbler Fountain

4751F2 Jack’s Dilemma Fountain

5022F Grand Millennia Dolphin Fountain with Spouting Dolphins

5022F15 Grand Millennia Dolphin Fountain

5025F24 Grande Tower Millenia Fountain with Spouting Four Seasons (no sidewalk)

5025F32 Grande Tower Millenia Fountain

5041F6 Spheres Fountain

5041F16 Spheres Fountain in Crested Pool

5042F3 Grande Two-tier Fountain

5043F3 Nouveau Two-tier Fountain

5048F5 Siena Fountain

5061F1 Rafaella Fountain

5141F9S Grande LaScala Spill Fountain

5141F23 Grande LaScala Fountain

5216F6 Large Two-tier Leonesco Fountain

5221F Chalet Fountain

5227AF Linari Lion Fountain

5227BF Linari Lavabo Fountain

5227CF Linari Rosette Fountain

5227DF Linari Green Man Fountain

5292F2 Krakatoa Fountain

5320F2A Petals Patio Bubbler Fountain

5320F2B Tall Petals Patio Bubbler Fountain

5321F2A Old Sunflower Bubbler Fountain

5321F2B Old Tall Sunflower Bubbler Fountain

5322F2A Leaf Patio Bubbler Fountain

5322F2B Tall Leaf Patio Bubbler Fountain

5323F2A Old Maple Leaf Patio Bubbler Fountain

5323F2B Old Tall Maple Leaf Patio Bubbler Fountain

5324F2 Lion Wall Cascade Fountain

5325F2A Old Frogs Patio Bubbler Fountain

5325F2B Old Tall Frogs Patio Bubbler Fountain

5326F2A Old Birds Patio Bubbler Fountain

5326F2B Old Tall Birds Patio Bubbler Fountain

5327F2A Old Dahlia Patio Bubbler Fountain

5327F2B Old Tall Dahlia Patio Bubbler Fountain

5329F2A Old Regatta Bubbler Fountain

5329F2B Old Tall Regatta Bubbler Fountain

5340F2A Old Butterfly Bubbler Fountain

5340F2B Old Tall Butterfly Bubbler Fountain

5341F2A Old Cherub Bubbler Fountain

5341F2B Old Tall Cherub Bubbler Fountain

5342F2B Tall Tranquility Fountain

5343F2B Tall Bonsai Fountain

5344F2A Living Waters Fountain

5344F2B Tall Living Waters Fountain

5345F2B Tall Tree Frogs Fountain

5346F2B Tall Gathering Birds Fountain

5347F2B Tall Gathering Turtles Fountain

5348F2B Tall Lotus Fountain

5402F2 Vintage Motif Fountain

5451F Small Four Seasons Column Fountain

5452F Large Four Seasons Column Fountain

5510F3 Small Traviata Fountain

5562F6 Small Tazza Tier Fountain in Grando Pool

5562F14 Triple Tazza Tier Fountain in Europa Pool

5567F Large Tazza Tier Fountain

5570F Kensington Fountain

5588F1 Infinity Fountain

5620F Millstone Fountain

5622F Little Millstone Fountain

5631F2 Basalt Pondless Fountain

5631F3 Basalt Fountain

5636F Classic Lion Pillar Fountain

5637F Classic Planter Pillar Fountain

5637F4 Classic Planter Pillar Fountain (without splash baskets or pedestal)

5691F Large Golfer Fountain

5750F2R Rebecca at Well Fountain with Spray Ring

5750F16 Grand Millenia Rebecca Fountain with Spouting Four Seasons (no sidewalk)

5750F24 Grand Millenia Rebecca Fountain with Spouting Four Seasons

5760F11N Lorelei Fountain in Toscana Pool

5760F11NR Lorelei Fountain in Toscana Pool with Spray Ring

5760F11O Lorelei Fountain in Toscana Pool (original surrounds)

5760F16 Grande Millennia Lorelei Fountain with Spouting Dolphins (no sidewalk)

5760F24 Grande Millennia Lorelei Fountain with Spouting Dolphins

5768F8S Classical Finial Four-tier Spill Fountain

5839F3 Stone Edge Cascade Fountain

5849F2 Stone Edge Bubbler Fountain

5850F19 Grande Millenia Hebe Fountain with Spouting Four Seasons (no sidewalk)

5850F23 Grande Millenia Hebe Fountain with Spouting Four Seasons

5853F3 French Fleur de Lys Fountain

5853F29 Grande Palazzo Fleur de Lys Fountain

5869F Roman Jar Fountain

5877F Large Arch Monolith Fountain

5886F Cylinder Column Well Fountain

5896F2 Bubbling Brook Fountain

5901F1 Revelation Fountain

UG200 20-gallon Underground Pondless Basin

UG300 32-gallon Underground Pondless Basin


8070A Blooming Saucers

8328 Large Classical Dancers Urn

8510 Turkish Planter

8260 Small Classic Planter


2839 Europa Bench

2875 Grapeleaf Table

2875S Grapeleaf Table Set


1865 Shy Kerrigan

1866 Daisy Kerrigan with Flower

1867 Kitty Kerrigan

2111 Garden Utility Station

2881 Male Crain (piped)

2882 Female Crain (piped)

2544L Royal Reclining Lion (left)

2544R Royal Reclining Lion (right)

2718L Labrador Planter (left)

2718R Labrador Planter (right)

3500 Seated Hwan Yin


7544A Royal Reclining Lion Top Pedestal Riser

7544B Royal Reclining Lion Pedestal


A103B Eagle on Branch

B1003 Eagle on Pedestal

B1013 Equestrian Competition

B674 Stallion Stance

B894 Cowboy Jim on Horse

B1047 Majestic Stallion

D645VL Large Gargoyle

D651FVL Large Water Dragon

D651FVM Medium Water Dragon

D651FVS Small Water Dragon

E106B Sitting Girl

E345M Medium Celestine Angel

E912B Fairy Bronze

E951FBL Large Bronze Mermaid

E951FBS Small Bronze Mermaid

HF504FV Otter

N200FVM Medium Seahorse

N210FVL Large Double Dolphins

N210FVM Medium Double Dolphins

N210FVS Small Double Dolphins